For kids

Below you will find two fun websites with great games to play, scientific tests to carry out, short films to watch and cool pictures to colour in!


The educational packs from e-Bug are developed for teachers who want to make young people discover the world of microbes, the use of antibiotics, the spread of infections and the prevention of infections through proper hygiene and vaccination. e-Bug teaches children that antibiotics are valuable and that they have to be used properly. More than 19 European countries were involved in the development of e-Bug. In Belgium the project is coordinated by the Federal Public Service of Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment in co-operation with the University of Antwerp. The e-Bug packs can be copied for students and cannot be sold. Free packs can be ordered via the website. The initiative is funded by the European Commission.

e-Bug has a website where you will find all the pages from the educational packs, demonstrations of the activities and additional interactive games allowing the students to learn the headlines in a playful way. 

Handy Harry

Most pre-schoolers do not wash their hands often enough. And when they do so, they may do it the wrong way. Fortunately, Handy Hans is there to help them. At home and at school.

It isn’t cool to have dirty hands. Did you know that washing your hands is good for your health?  Indeed, proper hand hygiene prevents infectious diseases and prevents you from digesting less dirty or unhealthy substances from our environment. Unwashed hands can spread diseases like colds, flu, stomach and intestinal infections (diarrhoea).  But sometimes they may even cause more serious infections like pneumonia and jaundice (hepatitis A). Particularly with small kids it is necessary to be cautious. They often put their fingers in their mouth and they like to eat with their hands. Thus, washing the hands more often is a positive action, but doing so at the right moments is at least equally important.

That is why in 2009 the Flemish authority launched the Handy Harry campaign (only available in Flemish). Handy Harry  shows children – as well as parents and teachers – how to wash their hands, and when they should preferably do it. This campaign isn’t actively runned anymore, but the website with tips and information is still available. The campaign material can also still be ordered for free on